Commonword Diversity Young Adult Fiction Prize 2018 Shortlist

Still can’t believe I made the shortlist!!! Well done to all the shortlisted writers.



Bolton Children’s Fiction Awards 2019

Looks like another great shortlist!


Still not self-published?

Still not self-published?

No I’m not, and I get a feeling of jealousy every time I see a friend self-publish their work. But then I remember that I chose not to self-publish. It doesn’t mean I won’t, but I’m in no rush. So after the jealousy, I feel proud of my friends. I wish them an ocean of success.

A quick summary for those of you that don’t know me. I wrote a children’s book  with the intention of self-publishing because, unfortunately, for us amateur writers, “the odds are never in our favour“. However, to satisfy my ego, I sent my manuscript to a few agents and was pleasantly surprised to get a couple of encouraging replies amongst the general rejection emails. I would much prefer professional publication to self-publication, so I halted my self-publication process and turned to a literary consultant for some advice.

Initially, I was disheartened by the editorial report that I received, but then I followed the advice that I had been given. The result was that I completely rewrote my book. With real life going on around me,  four years passed between my original book and my new draft.

I finished my rewrite in December 2016 and I plan on starting the editing process in spring 2017. In the meantime, I am writing a completely different book which has  just flowed out of me. It’s completely different to The Book of Thoth, but I am enjoying writing it.

My plan is to edit/revise both books and enter them both in various competitions over the next two years. Eventually, there may come a time where I self-publish these books, but at the moment I am happier trying to perfect my writing.