When kids get in the way of your writing – go with it!

In a recent blog, I said: I am aiming to write for half an hour every day. With work and family to look after, it’s extremely difficult to fit in time to write, but I think scheduling it into your routine makes you at least think about it. I must confess, recently, I am thinking about writing more than writing! Previously, I would have seen this as a “problem”, but now I don’t. The thing is, my children are growing up, and their demands have changed as they have grown; in some ways they are easier to manage, but in other ways they are more time consuming. There are a lot more activities to drive to and from, and more filled days which involve shopping centres, cinemas and even theatre trips. Fifteen years ago, I would have preferred to spend all my leisure time shopping, dining and watching movies and shows, but that was before I developed the writing bug. Now, I would like to spend most of my free time writing.

My eldest son will be off to university in four years time and even my baby has reached double figures 😦 The sand in the hourglass seems to be flowing faster. My time with them, as children, is diminishing. Time with my children is more precious than time with my characters. I would very happily trade work time with writing time, but I’m still waiting for those numbers to come up on the lottery. I have five hours of “free time” in a week, but it seems to go very quickly. Last week, I spent all my ‘free’ time spring cleaning and regretted it; but a little bit of cleaning does help to clear my mind, which helps me to write. I call it the housework guilt trade off!

So, yes, I admit, I’m not being as productive with my writing as I would like to be, but on those occasions when the kids do want to slob and watch TV, I get out the laptop, cuddle down next to them, and type away.



  1. I could be wrong about this, but I think Harriett Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin while raising six children! Plus, she wrote it in a small house while sitting at her kitchen table. My children are grown and gone now, but I can truthfully say that it’s much easier to write now than it was when they were small and at home. I loved (love) them dearly, but their sweet demands for juice, playtime, food, clean clothes, chauffeuring, and so forth were quite time consuming and left little time for writing. However, I did manage to read a lot, and I now look at that as “prep time” for writing.

  2. I always have a book in the car, so I can read whilst waiting to pick up etc. Yes – essential ‘prep’ time! The good thing about modern technology is that I can write out and about, too, though I’ve not found my ideal device yet! Always good to have your comments Jayne 🙂

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