Writing, Self-Publishing, Indie authors and the Power of Social Media – revisited

I can feel the power of social media, but is there a dark side? Does it consume you? I am now on Twitter and I even understand what hashtag is all about! I have followed friends and family, and now I am feeling more comfortable about following “strangers”, too. I was worried that nobody except friends and family followed me back, or if they did, then they ‘unfollowed’ me, pretty quickly. Is it me? Am I not interesting enough? Okay, from a tweeting point of view, I may have lacked substance, so I have been working on it. I now try to tweet or retweet things that other people will find interesting. I have organised my lists so it’s easier to skim through tweets. But this has involved spending more time on social media than writing my book -aargh! There aren’t enough hours in the day as it is! Thankfully (or should I say hopefully), I think I have found my happy tweeting balance. I spend no more than a few minutes checking tweets that may lead to an interesting article, and I tweet/retweet on the go.

Blogging and tweeting both have the power to reach people. If my blog or tweeting helps someone on their writing or self-publishing journey, then that to me is just as rewarding as someone reading my book and enjoying it. Through social media, I have discovered writers that are way ahead of me on their writing journey, and I have discovered writers that are just starting out. I have learnt a lot on my journey and I still feel like a novice. When The Book of Thoth is finished, I will use the social media to market its existence. But in a funny kind of way, I am enjoying my blogging and tweeting for the sake of it. But I won’t let social media consume me; I will find the right balance.



  1. Let me know when you find the right balance! I’ve set up my blogs to link to Twitter whenever I post something, but I need to work on tweeting directly from Twitter. Or do I? About the blogging, I just added another blog about a self published book, and although I feel pretty good about it, I’m still a bit uncertain about exactly how to best utilize it.

    • I think I’m getting there with the balance. I’m relatively new to blogging and Tweeting, hence I have spent a bit of time getting familiar with them – more time than I would usually spend with this kind of thing! I can do replies like this in between car runs from various child activities. Hence you will notice a time difference between this reply and the last one!
      My last blog was a link to “Why I don’t Tweet” – which is very interesting. I think other people have paid for a “wordpress upgrade” and have a tab for their book information, rather than a separate blog. Let me know the site and I’ll check it out at the weekend.

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