To self-publish or not to self-publish that is the question

Now that I am nearly self-published, I am having doubts. Should I try harder to get published through the more traditional route i.e. via an agent or a publisher? At the moment, my gut instinct is that I should. Ouch! After a whole year of learning the self-publishing trade. What am I thinking? But I’m a firm believer in following your feelings. (Search your feelings, Luke, you know it is true, I am your father.  I know a few Star Wars quotes, courtesy of one of my sons!)

I know some of my close followers will be disappointed, but I’m hoping they will be supportive too, once they know my reasons why. The main reason is that if I want to improve my writing, then I need to enlist some professional help. Previously, the cost of approaching a literary consultancy has put me off, but now I think about it, the same applies to anything. Learning to play tennis yourself is very different to coaching from a pro. You will get better with professional advice. However, it still doesn’t mean you will be a pro yourself, but you may get to county level or club level. And maybe going up that one level in my writing is what I need.

Tip – when you start writing your book, put away £5-£10 a month in a “writing fund”. This can be used in the future for literary advice, copy-editing or proofreading.

The chances are that after my “literary advice”, I may have to rewrite a lot of the book. That is another reason why I chose the self-publish option. Lets face it, you can get sick at the thought of editing the book again! But if rewriting will make the book better, surely I should do it? After a year of no editing, the thought of rewriting chapters does not seem as bad as before. Then there is the doubt again, what if I’m not good enough to rewrite it to the next level? Well, you don’t know till you try 🙂

The self-publish route is always open, but once you self-publish, the traditional publishing route becomes limited. I don’t think I have tried hard enough.

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