Step 2 Self-publishing

Enid Blyton sells millions of books worldwide and, if we listen to writing experts, apparently her writing is terrible. So there’s hope for us all – hey? Is a good story enough, or do you need to be a good writer, too? Common sense says the latter, as surely writing is a craft which improves over time? The problem is, as a would-be “good writer” trying to establish myself as a self-published author,  I am already thinking about all the mistakes that I have made as I write the first entry to this blog, and my brain is screaming at me to stop and to go back and to correct my grammar. As a blogger I am thinking do I really care if I miss out commas, question marks and write terribly constructed sentences? And here lies my first dilemma. Yes I do care, but not enough to pay someone to grammar check my blog, or to spend hours rewriting my blog 🙂 I would much rather spend that time writing my second book, or in my case, checking through the proof which arrived (finally!) in the post today – hurray!

(My second dilemma – will a reader of my blog mind if I use smiley faces?)

NOTE – it took almost 4 weeks to receive my proof through the post from Createspace (CS). Factor this into your timescales, unless you plan on paying for premium postage. Does it help if I put all the important bits in bold, so you can skip the other bits?

The facts are:

Terrible writers have written bestselling books.

Great writers have written books that nobody reads.

Truthfully? I’d be happy to fall into either category.

My guide on how to be a great writer:

Read, read and read some more (wish I had more time to read).

Write, write and write some more (wish I had more time to write).

Step 2 Self-Publishing

If you think there is just one guide out there that tells you everything that you want to know, then you are mistaken. Everybody’s journey in life is different, and so is everybody’s journey in self-publishing. Some of you may already have written a book, some of you may be further along (like myself). I found the following useful on my journey:

Writers’ &Artists’ Yearbook

Writers’ &Artists’ Yearbook Guide to Getting Published.

Collins Improve Your Grammar

Self-Printed: The Sane person’s Guide to Self-Publishing (written by a self-published author, Catherine Ryan Howard) (e-book)

Building your book for kindle (e-book)

Publish on Amazon Kindle with Kindle (e-book)

Forums on createspace

Youtube tutorials (on photoshop elements, mainly, but it’s also helped with my blogging!)

General googling whenever I was stuck. What would we do without the internet?


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